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Q: How much hard disk is required for H.265 IP Camera recording one day?

A:2.0mp:7-12G   5.0MP:10-18G

Q: What is video server? What is the maximum hard disk H.265 series NVR support. 

A:Support Max. up to 6TB

Q: Dose H.265 NVR support audio? 

A:Yes. H.265 NVR support audio. Recording. And also support HDMI real-time display and playback.

Q: IP Camera Support Audio, But why no voice? 

A:IP Camera module support Audio. But will not be enable by default. So ahve to set as below: Config- Remote-Media-Audio Encode. Then Enable Audio Encode. 


Q: Why I can visit the address but can’t see the video?

A:It’s possible that Active-X control to view the video hasn’t been downloaded. Well. Please check your IE security settings and make it allow to download Active-X as following picture shows.

Q: Why can't find equipment via search software after connect to LAN?

A: Please make sure that the IP camera and computer/server are in same LAN. If firewall software installed, please shut it down and try again.

Q: Why I can find equipment via search software, but can’t visit?

A:If the IP address of IP camera and PC is not in the same Network Segment, you should change them on the same Network Segment before visit. Network Segment is the first three number of IP address. If the IP address of PC is, so it can only visit the equipment which IP address is between