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HD network camera become a major trend "IPC + NVR" grand coalition

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In recent years, with the gradual maturity of the security market, the demand for HD and increasing storage, which requires a new kind of market surveillance program as soon as possible. Currently, high-definition, network-based video surveillance market are the two major trends of, IP Camera has been a huge development. Combined, NVR's appearance, thus contributing to the formation of "IP Camera + NVR" program improvement and popularity. Currently, the network video surveillance products and application solutions provider to develop a distinctive "IP Camera + NVR" program. The following will NVR current development, technology roadmap, future trends and other aspects of the industry who give you a better understanding of the relevant knowledge NVR.

"IP Camera + NVR" Development Status

Development and front-end IP Camera NVR development inseparable, IP Camera mainly to solve the problem of data acquisition, converted into a compressed bit stream transmitted over the network to the back-end equipment. NVR main solution for storing videos, preview, playback, forward and so on. Some manufacturers may only IP Camera, highlighting its high performance, very little back-end equipment development, support for the front-end equipment rarely, can not really form a practical application; Due to factors such as market demand, many manufacturers have begun to increase backend investment in equipment research and development, to the present, many manufacturers can provide total solutions based on high-definition.

On the other hand, the customer needs to promote the development of NVR and IP Camera. Currently applied in the project more, such as in the city of peace, banking, transportation and other sectors of the tender, both for IP Camera, NVR, HVR (analog + digital) are very detailed tender indicators such security vendors to promote investment in R & D to meet customer demand, thus contributing to the development of the entire industry. The past two years the pace of development and IP Camera NVR is very fast, the project has a number of applications.

Currently in the channel IP Camera and NVR application has been made in development. NVR also rich product range, 4-way, 8-way, 16-way, multiple Ethernet ports, a single network interface products. More and more high-definition products, especially IP Camera, the form of products, the bolt, the hemisphere, high-speed ball, one machine has. IP Camera + NVR cost has dropped to the level of sales channels can afford, so from year to year in the channel market IP Camera + NVR has been a marked increase in the growth rate expected this year will significantly accelerate。

Restrictions "IP Camera + NVR" program popularity addition to the cost factor, there is a more important factor is the interconnection between the IP Camera and NVR problem. For now, ONVIF standard IP Camera + NVR has become a very good solution to interoperability. In the market for IP Camera supports ONVIF protocol basically, the backend NVR also supports ONVIF protocol already. In the last access ONVIF, might just be able to request a video, the image can be transferred to it. And then after a year of development, now has a lot of IP Camera + NVR supports alarms, PTZ control, school, video adjustment functions. ONVIF standard has been IP Camera and NVR manufacturers to accept, support ONVIF protocol has become a basic function of each product. There is also a PISA standards, from now, not a lot of access to the manufacturers, in competition with ONVIF has no advantage in

NVR + IP Camera solution applied in the project, more and more in the channel has also been a significant development, but has not yet formed in the channel a lot of popularity, mainly cost issues. With IP Camera + NVR volumes increase, the cost of the chip can be expected, the whole cost will be reduced. On the other hand, with the worsening security vendors to compete in this market everyone wants to pay would some share prices in a competitive factor in all the way down, as the IP Camera + NVR popularity to create conditions in the channel. For now, I believe that in the second half of this year to the first half of next year, 4-way or 8-way 720P (NVR + IP Camera) program will reach 4 or 8 channel D1 costs (analog camera + DVR) solutions. The same price, HD, and simple network cabling, network preview delay control at around 600ms, basically meet customer needs. Customers will choose high-definition programs, analog cameras and DVR will gradually withdraw from the market。

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