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In recent years, some criminals to evil hands in the hospital, they imposed Pa, theft, looting, destruction of hospitals and other despicable means to disrupt the work order to steal money from others, destruction of social security, the establishment of hospital video network integrated management system is to improve the hospital medical environment take the necessary means

Application Analysis

• Hospital entrance door is directly related to the security and safety of hospital image People's Hospital. Recommended flag Hanke's 14Bit light suppression road surveillance cameras and integrated high-speed ball 。

• Criminals often escape over the wall and out of the hospital perimeter monitoring criminal activities. Recommended flag Hanke's ICR Day & Night HD integrated low-light cameras and speed dome。

• Ambulance directly related to the management of the hospital people's lives, it is recommended Aiptek's flag ICR Day & Night illumination HD camera。

• Hospital outpatient and inpatient departments is an important place for criminals pickpocketing. Recommended flag Hanke's high definition wide dynamic camera series, HD hemisphere, integrated high-speed ball, elevators dedicated cameras, smart analysis of day and night high-definition low-light cameras, speed dome integration of intelligence analysis, intelligence analysis Dome。

• Hospital operating room for remote medical consultation, but also prone to medical malpractice. Two million high-definition video conferencing camera。

• Hospital pharmacy shop, storeroom is an important guarantee for the production of hospital safety. Recommended flag Hanke's ICR Day & Night HD integrated low-light camera or speed dome。

• Video management requirements of the front of the hospital with a video camera at the same time D1 recording, playback and other functional requirements. Recommended flag Hanke DVR or video management workstation。

• Department of Health Integrated Management Center network video image of the province under the requirements of the medical units for remote management, the focus areas of the image centralized storage, streaming media services, other regions remote playback, electronic maps and other functional requirements. Recommended flag Hanke's health care system dedicated multi-level integrated video network management platform。

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