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Application of high-definition video production safety supervision into a trend

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The past two years, the government sector through provisioning and video products to carry out safety production supervision and management is becoming a hot spot. Recently, the Shaanxi Provincial Administration of Work Safety (hereinafter referred innings) for the efficient supervision of high-risk enterprises under the jurisdiction of Kodak commissioned the construction of a set of emergency command system, a system has been covering all of the provincial - municipal levels innings.

Shaanxi innings of an emergency command system set up a command center in the province, 11 in innings, video conferencing rooms and a plurality of mobile terminals. Command center set up MCU, HD video conferencing terminal, conference rooms innings to deploy standard-definition video conference terminal for remote video conference conducted daily between provinces innings, emergency command and handle emergencies. In addition, to ensure efficient and timely emergency treatment, the system also innings emergency rescue vehicle deployed mobile terminal, making command center and the scene of the accident remain efficient interoperability, and, for some rescue vehicles can not reach the place, the system also provides attendance staffing a man of mobile devices, and further improve the emergency response capability and efficiency.

It is reported that a system is put into use after the user gave a high evaluation, the system is about to start in two innings will cover the county to achieve three things. In addition, users also said that the construction of the original intention of this emergency command system is to achieve security supervision of high-risk enterprise, so the system next plan is, to the province's high-risk business as a front-end included in, to carry out more efficient production safety regulation. Furthermore, in addition innings Shaanxi, Guangxi, Shanxi and other safety supervision departments have many construction safety supervision by Kodak video system

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